Care and Maintenance

Care and Cleaning of your Milzen Cabinetry

Your Milzen Cabinetry is hand-crafted from the finest select hardwoods. Due to the nature of wood and the finish process used to protect it, care must be taken to ensure their durability for a lifetime. Our furniture grade finish is very durable and moisture resistant, but is not moisture-proof. Use the following guidelines to assist you in maintaining the beauty of your Milzen Cabinetry:

  • A soft cotton cloth is recommended to wipe any moisture, spills or standing liquid from your cabinetry. While paper products are very good at absorbing spills, they are abrasive when used for cleaning.

  • To clean your cabinetry use a soft cotton cloth, dampened with water or a mild detergent, i.e. Spic & Span or Ivory. Harsh chemicals or ammonia based products should be avoided as they may cause discoloration of the finish.

Control the Moisture Content

Contraction and expansion are natural characteristics of wood as it regulates its moisture content. 

  • To control the expansion and contraction of your cabinetry, you may monitor the amount of moisture with a hygrometer (humidity gauge) in your home.

  • Maintain the humidity at or above 20% when the temperature is below 20 degrees and over 35% when the temperature is above 20 degrees.