Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I purchase cabinets?

Milzen Cabinetry cabinets are sold through authorized dealers. To find a dealer in your area click here  

2. How long is Milzen Cabinetry's warranty?

Please click here for details regarding our warranty.

3. How do I clean and care for my cabinets?

Milzen Cabinetry has prepared some care and cleaning guidelines for you. Please refer to the Care and Maintenance Section.

4. I am interested in becoming an authorized dealer. Can you help me?

Please click here to fill out our Partnering Request and we will have a Sales Representative contact you.

5. Can I get additional product specifications?

Click here to print/view Milzen Cabinetry's Specification Guide.

6. Does Milzen Cabinetry offer bath products?

Yes, Milzen Cabinetry offers base and wall vanity cabinets.

7. What about accessories?

Milzen Cabinetry offers both fashion and storage accessories for your cabinets.

8. How can I repair minor scratches or nicks on my cabinets?

Please click here to view to the Milzen Cabinetry Cabinet Care & Maintenance Guide.

9. How can I get replacement hinges?

Please contact one of your authorized Milzen Cabinetry dealers in your area. To find a dealer in your area click here.